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Day 21 – Tiny Frog
Day 21 - Tiny Frog

Another attempt with the cell phone in the dark. You’d think I’d learn, but it was what I had at the moment this little guy appeared. I think these guys might eat mosquitoes, but if this guy isn’t careful he might have the tables turned.

Day 20 – Mmmmmmmm…
Day 20 - Mmmmmmmm...

A well lit Surly followed by a couple more could result in a well lit photographer. While sunlight generally is not good for beer, I decided it was worth the risk to get this shot.

Day 19 – Ren Fest
Day 19 - Ren Fest

Couple that happened to catch my eye while walking through the Ren Fair. I’m not sure I could have posted any of the pictures from the party bus ride back from here.

Day 18 – Adele – Awesome
Day 18 - Adele - Awesome

Adele was amazing. My cell phone camera, not so much. Thankfully we were as close as we were or even this would have been well beyond it's limits. But that's part of photography is the challenge is finding a way to work within the limits of the equipment you have at the time.

Day 17 – Hay Field
Day 17 - Hay Field

Posting this one a day late – I really did take the picture yesterday, I swear. Unfortunately our internet was out, hopefully it’ll be fixed by tonight. Due to the unfortunate length of our yard and cutting off several inches in the last mowing I had my work cut out for me raking up the [...]

Day 16
Day 16

Well I didn’t get out to shoot today, however I took well over 100 yesterday, so I’m posting one of the other pictures that I had to choose from.

Day 15 – Drummer boy
Day 15 - Drummer boy

Xaionan had a get together tonight as a going away party for his parents, who are going back to China on Thursday. Lots of good food and music jammin'.

Day 14 – Beware the carpet zombies.
Day 14 - Beware the carpet zombies.

This is actually written on a wall of an alcove in this house with glow in the dark paint. I got a little bored and decided that the carpet needed similar treatment. It seems more appropriate for carpet anyway if you ask me.

Day 13 – Dragon(fly) Invasion!
Day 13 - Dragon(fly) Invasion!

I’m not sure why, but inspiration seems to hit when I’m mowing. Rather in this case inspiration swooped down upon me…

Day 12 – After the rain the Lily runs?
Day 12 - After the rain the Lily runs?

How often do we make an in the moment capture, or just miss a great photo opportunity because we just happened to be turned the right or wrong way? Out shooting in the yard tonight I was actually walking to a different part to looking for something interesting to shoot when I look over and [...]